Volunteer Co-ordinator

Sambhali can have up to 15 - 20 volunteers at any one time and a co-ordinator is needed to help integrate each volunteer into Sambhali from arrival. They provide all the essential information about the practicalities of living in the guest house and in Jodhpur and briefing about all the projects available and visiting them in their orientation. Volunteer meetings are held weekly, which are taken by Govind, with the volunteer coordinator stepping in and assisting as required. The VC needs to be approachable and listen to any concerns that volunteers might have and liaise with Govind and management of the guest house as necessary. This can be a very demanding role at times, particularly in busy periods and so it is essential that this role is taken by somebody who is volunteering in Sambhali for at least 6 months to provide continuity and understands the mechanics of Sambhali and living in Jodhpur.